Can Knockdown 1.44

Can Knocking – An Excellent Pastime Activity

If your idea of blowing off some steam is to hit things then you will find this can knocking game an ideal solution to your needs. Can Knockdown is a nice game which can help you relax and pass the time by giving you some cans to knock down that are stacked on top of each other. Your task in this game is to knock down all the cans using the minimum number of balls possible. You only have a limited number of balls to play with so it is best that you knock down as many cans as possible with each hit. The graphics of this can knocking game are neat while the gameplay is addictive. However, the real winner is the game's sound effects which include loud cheering when you knock down all the cans with a single ball.

Can Knockdown

Can Knockdown features two locations for you to knock down cans. The first location is bar while the other location is winter. In both these locations, you get a limited number of balls for knocking down the cans stacked in front of you. You have to direct the balls towards the cans and try to knock them down by swiping your finger in the direction of the cans. This game is divided into various levels and increases in difficulty as you complete the levels one by one. Your score is determined by your hits. If you are able to knock down all the cans with a single ball, you get more points but if you fail then a cross appears on your score sheet.

The game offers some special cans as well. For instance, you get an exploding can in some of the levels which can explode and take down the surrounding cans if you are able to hit it with the ball. There is a can labeled 'extra ball' also available in Can Knockdown. You get an additional ball for that particular level for hitting this can. The last ball left for you to shoot is labeled 'final ball' to let you know that there is no ball available after this one unless you hit an 'extra ball' can. You can get an extra ball by watching a video advertisement as well if you run out of balls. The more levels that you are able to complete, the higher the score you end up with.

Can Knockdown

You can compete with your friends by connecting this can knocking game with your Facebook account too. Moreover, you get to share your scores with your friends and family members using various messaging apps as well. Can Knockdown has a mini-game by the name of minicans as well. You can find this mini-game in the News section. Your task in minicans is to hit moving cans which are holding alphabets and complete the word 'Can Knockdown'. You have an unlimited number of balls available in minicans but you only have a minute to complete your task. Moreover, there is a death can moving amongst these alphabet cans and hitting it can end the game. So, you need to avoid it.


  • Knockdown cans with balls
  • Multiple locations to play the game in
  • Hit special cans to earn extra balls and knockdown all cans at once
  • Various levels with changing stack pattern of cans
  • Limited number of balls available
  • Minicans mini-game


Can Knockdown is a gaming app which is marketed towards people who find hitting things relaxing. It offers them the chance to hit and knock down some cans which are arranged in different formations using a limited number of balls. It is an extremely addictive can knocking game which will help you relax and keep you glued to your phone's screen for hours.

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